My name is Brent Simpson. I am a father of four children and have lived with mental illness all my adult life. I was diagnosed with Biploar in my mid thirties.

After being born on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, my parents moved to the suburbs of Western Sydney. Through my formative years, I grew up in a broken home where I was abused both physically and sexually. I entered the foster care system when I was 10 years old and went through different homes then onto boy’s homes. My education never went past year 8 and the only world I knew was the streets. I committed crimes to survive and ran with gangs for the feeling of family and brotherhood which I hadn’t had at home. I later joined Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs and was eventually convicted of importing drugs and was subsequently sentenced to 6 years in prison which I have now served. During this time I battled severe depression and suicide was an ever present thought in my mind.

The idea of HeavyHiterz came to me while I was serving time in prison. Two men who were housed in cells next to me committed suicide whilst in segregation. It was clear these men felt there was nothing to live for, something which resonated strongly with me as I had felt that way many times myself.

It was these incidents that helped me to decided that something had to be done to help people living with mental illness so they never felt inclined to pay the ultimate price.

Once I was released, I re-discovered my love of cycling. I was out cycling one day and looking for inspiration when I realised that life can hit heavy at times and the only way out is to find your inner strength and fight…become a heavy hitter! On that day, HeavyHiterz was born!


Heavy Hiterz has come a long way in a short time. We have started to break the stigma attached to mental illness by creating a family of people who have experienced mental illness themselves or have lived with someone who has a mental illness. Through online discussions and community forums, we have engaged those living with mental illness and provided them with support, understanding and a platform for them to talk about their struggles and not be judged. As we grow, Heavy Hiterz is now delivering programs and support strategies for those living with mental illness, and their families, whilst continuing to evolve as a forum for people to help one another. The overriding theme to our growth is to let the world know….You Are Not Alone.

Through our social media platforms, our website , support programs and speaking engagements, Heavy Hiterz is growing daily. More and more people are coming online to open up and talk about their experiences. In turn, they feel support from others in the HeavyHiterz family and they feel good because they finally have someone to relate to who won’t judge them. We will continue to break down the barriers for those who feel alone and detached from society

BUT, we need your help! HeavyHiterz is run purely on donations and fundraising from within the community. Go to our Fundraising page for more information on how you can get involved.