The HeavyHiterz Better Living & Mental Wellness Workshop is an interactive session designed to educate  participants on mental health issues in our society and share some simple but effective techniques to improve day to day personal resilience, happiness and fulfilment.

Adjusted to suite the audience, this workshop provides participants an opportunity to learn the basics of good mental health, share experiences and thoughts on the subject in a safe and non-judgemental environment and hear from those with lived experience of mental illness.


Delivered in conjunction with the Murakami Family Law firm, the ‘Preventing Domestic Violence’ workshop explores the relationship between family violence and mental illness and is offered to both those suffering domestic violence and those perpetrating domestic violence.

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The HeavyHiterz Foundation community is a facebook group with over 4000 members providing day to day support to each other and sharing relevant information on mental health management techniques and research.

Overseen by Brent Simpson, CEO and Founder of The HeavyHiterz Foundation, this closed community provides support to those struggling on a day to day basis and has been the last port of call for those desperate for assistance.

Members of the community report on the personal nature of support provided by others with lived experience of mental illness along with knowledge of how to navigate the health system (and other associated services) to ensure comprehensive support from as many avenues as possible.

If you would like to join our community, please contact us via: